Saturday, February 23, 2013

RO2 SEA SpeedHack

NOTE: As of April 2 2013 SPEED HACK is NOT working AGAIN!!! :((

Use it on your own risk!

If you don't know how to use this software for Speed hacking in RO2, it;s not my problem :D
Try googling it. Goodluck

Download link below.


1. Extract the loader file into your Ro2 folder. (Sample screenshot below)

2. Configure your WTFast. Change the "Run with Launcher" with the loader file.
 (Sample screenshot below) And your good to go.

3. Add your ID and Pass (Sample screenshot below)

4. Open your Cheat Engine 6.2 (if you don't have this software, ask uncle GOOGLE)
 (Sample screenshot below)

5. Open the Rag2.exe in Cheat Engine (Sample screenshot below)

6. Click the "Enable Speedhack at the right side of the Cheat Engine. 
(Sample screenshot below) 
1.0 is too slow
1.2 is normal
1.3 is like using an Speed Elixir
1.4 is too much, but if you are running in maps or want to kite a boss in PVE/COA etc. etc. use 1.5 or 1.8

AGAIN! Use it on your own risk!

Note: If you want a dual log in, I think this method will work as charm too. Try it :D
GL HF (good luck, have fun!) credit to those who created this piece of gem!, Thanks!



    We found a bug zeny / gold in SEA RO2 using Cheat Engine
    But after the update Cheat Engine does not work but the bug
    is not lost and can be used to use binary of Cheat Engine
    The following is the way we found a simple bug

    ~ open email
    ~ write the receiver and subject with CE binary 57DE07FF0
    ~ empty the contents of the message
    ~ write zeny using a calculation, F = 5 so FF0 = 550
      write zeny With 550 zeny 000 rupe
    ~ send
    ~ wait for 5 minutes it going back twice email delivery
    ~ Receive all every email.
    ~ Try again n u will have duplicate zeny every bug done

    it is a way of bugs gold or Zeny easy on RO2 SEA
    Working if u has right every way.

    1. Any proof? LOL

      (Don't feed the troll)

    2. Please make a brief instruction. thank you

    3. LOL.. it's already char named 57DE07FF0.. lol.. if u do that then u will give him a zeny for free.. scammer.. lol.. stupid idea.

  2. can u Update please :) it detected on RO2 .. its automatically crash hahaha :) i dont know what to do .. thanks

    1. I will, when they found the way in again :D

    2. can u find a way to dupilcate item in ro2 sea???if u find it please pm me ^^

    3. I have tried few times. :)

      Well, can't find a bug in item. or Item Duplicating.

  3. can u find a way to duplicate item???if can please pm me

    1. Ro2 is now close to trash game. :D

      With bots everywhere, hacks, bugs.

      I will post a new bug or hack if I found something :)

    2. dear Ordonia
      can u post complete guide
      how to bots in RO2
      coz im a litle bust so i can't in front of pc every hour
      and im not a rich people that can pay someone to play my char for farming
      please post the way to do it :D
      thx very much ordonia

    3. BOTS?

      I already plan to test a bot sooner or later. :)

      GOOD NEWS by the way!
      HS is now working! YEY!

  4. So still not up-to-date eh? Wondering coz i can't launch the lolder

  5. is the daily bug quest still work? thank you

    1. YES!!!!! 100% working!

      Try to go to Divided Plain map and Sograt Desert you'll see players running back and fort :D

      Goodluck and Farm more zenny as you can.

    2. will not work starting

    3. Already posted a NOTE dude :)
      I always update this post. Check the note above the post.

  6. No wonder, client keep crashing. I'll wait for the next update though! xD

    1. I think it's the Asiasoft's server something that they forgot to turn on that's why the lolder was working fine last few days.

  7. Hi, is there any bug for making zenny in RO2 SEA?